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Amazon Dry Goods
This seller of Victorian ephemera is going out of business. The owner is ill and sales are down so they’re selling off their stock at deep discounts. A huge portion of what they sell is books and patterns but they also carry shoes, undergarments (hoops, stockings, camisoles, etc.), detachable collars, accessories of all sorts and Civil War reenactment props. There is a bunch of stuff that looks very steampunk. They have finally put their catalogs on the website (so you don’t have to buy them!). Take a look while you still can.


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Greenberg and Hammer
Greenberg and Hammer was a New York City Garment District landmark shop that sold every kind of sewing supply you could possibly imagine (many that weren’t even made anymore but had been languishing on their shelves for years). Visiting their store was always a memorable experience. It was full to over-flowing and not always that clean, but it had that old New York charm that is becoming rarer and rarer. It will be missed.

This article from Crain’s offers some paltry details.

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