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Some fun tutorials I’ve tried lately:
The Lola Headband Tutorial from Two Little Bugs Clothing is a short and easy to follow tutorial on how to make a variation of those yummy flower headbands (or barrettes) we’ve been seeing all over the place for mad amounts of money. And if you’re sewing-phobic, don’t worry, this project requires absolutely no needles or thread, just scissors and glue.

The next one is for the plush pumpkins that are so ubiquitous this year. If you missed this one, here’s a really nice tutorial from New House, New Home, New Life. She buys 1/2 meters of fabric, but I’m sure you’ll be fine if you buy half yards ;). These are so easy to make that they’d be a great sewing project for kids and beginning sewers. The hardest part is getting the real pumpkin stems. If you can’t find real ones you can always make them from pipe cleaners or paper maché.

Edit: if you have trouble finding fold-over elastic locally, www.SewzannesFabrics.com has a great selection of colors.


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