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This seller of Victorian ephemera is going out of business. The owner is ill and sales are down so they’re selling off their stock at deep discounts. A huge portion of what they sell is books and patterns but they also carry shoes, undergarments (hoops, stockings, camisoles, etc.), detachable collars, accessories of all sorts and Civil War reenactment props. There is a bunch of stuff that looks very steampunk. They have finally put their catalogs on the website (so you don’t have to buy them!). Take a look while you still can.


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I’m very excited to have learned a new word today: chatelaine. I was familiar with its use to describe a person but had never encountered an object with that name. I’m not sure how I got through a costume history education without ever acquiring that bit of information, but there you have; you learn something new every day.

According to Wikipedia, a chatelaine is a chain or series of chains worn by a woman at her waist to hold a variety of useful items like scissors, keys, etc. Chatelaines seem to be at their most popular in the mid-19th century.

You can buy your own chatelaine at the Smoke & Fire Company (www.smoke-fire.com).

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